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            Welcome to the website of Baoji Zhongheng Instrument Co., Ltd. Tel:+86-917-3512881
            Differential pressure transmitter Single crystal silicon pressure transmitter Electromagnetic flowmeter Capacitive pressure transmitter High precision pressure transmitter Intelligent pressure switch Diffused silicon pressure transmitter Flow switch Intelligent pressure transfer controller Thermometer

            Company profile

            Baoji Zhongheng Instrument Co., Ltd. is a new technology enterprise specializing in the design, development, sales and automation system of sensors, transmitters and industrial control instruments. Products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, geology, hydrology, water supply and drainage, pharmaceutical, food, paper making, machinery manufacturing, environmental protection and other fields.

            Zhongheng adopts high quality force sensing components, combined with domestic and foreign sensors, transmitters manufacturing technology development, mass production of 7 series of dozens of specifications of products and a rapid expansion trend, since the creation of products continue to increase and improve, pressure, differential pressure, liquid level instrumentation from the ordinary transition to intelligent, and expand HART communication. In terms of pressure measurement and control, Zhongheng products enjoy a high reputation for high quality and high reliability. With a better price, better performance, newer technology to serve in various fields. In the era of high-tech development and new knowledge, Zhongheng Company adheres to the concept of exchange and cooperation and common progress, establishes a multi-level and all-round technical exchange and technical support service system, improves with the international advanced technology level, and develops together with China's pressure measurement and control cause.

            The company has abundant technical force and abundant human resources. With a group of long-term engaged in production automation instrumentation, computer applications, control system engineering of high-level technical personnel. Zhongheng Company's young management, scientific research, production, sales and service team with new knowledge and new thinking is full of vitality and vitality, with the scientific and realistic attitude of "science and technology learning, innovation and creation, perseverance", sincere cooperation, quality service, and is willing to give friends and users from all walks of life satisfactory results and returns, and make contributions to social development.