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            Welcome to the website of Baoji Zhongheng Instrument Co., Ltd. Tel:+86-917-3512881
            Differential pressure transmitter Single crystal silicon pressure transmitter Electromagnetic flowmeter Capacitive pressure transmitter High precision pressure transmitter Intelligent pressure switch Diffused silicon pressure transmitter Flow switch Intelligent pressure transfer controller Thermometer


            In the long-term operation and practice, our company has accumulated its own characteristics of corporate culture and management characteristics. This culture is manifested in management: strive to improve the company's various systems, with dedication, integrity, do strong. The performance in the company's interests and results distribution is: to provide employees with sufficient personal display space and improve employee labor treatment. For a long time, Baoji Zhongheng adheres to the concept of "customer investment, we work very hard to achieve satisfactory results", which is welcomed and trusted by our customers.

            Win cooperation with good faith, create products with professionalism, serve you with heart, and give you satisfaction with a smile