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            Welcome to the website of Baoji Zhongheng Instrument Co., Ltd. Tel:+86-917-3512881
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            The thermal flow switch adopts precision electronic components widely used in aviation and automobiles, and its reliable and stable circuit design makes the flow signal more accurate and stable. Currently, it has been widely used in industries such as steel, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, and chemical engineering
            The ZH-L2 thermal flow switch is an upgraded version of the ZH-L1 model, which not only has more prominent improvements in the signal processing of the flow switch probe, but also makes the HL-L2 software operation and control functions more powerful; Easy to operate and easy to install.
            The measuring principle of the ZH-L2 thermal flow switch is the same as that of the ZH-L1, and it is also designed based on the principle of heat exchange. The probe is equipped with a heating module and a heat sensing module, and the heat dissipation of the heating module is closely related to the flow rate of the measured fluid. If there is no medium flow in the pipeline, the signal received by the heat sensing circuit is a fixed value; When the fluid medium flows through the probe, the signal received by the thermal circuit changes with the flow rate of the medium. The thermal circuit converts the temperature difference signal between the heating module and the thermal module into an electrical signal, and the processor then converts it into signals such as PNP/NPN/4-20mA/relay for output.
            Gas liquid dual purpose, can be used for gas and hydraulic systems, circulating water, cutting fluid and lubricating oil cutoff monitoring, and pump idle protection.